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Slim line track

Skena att fästa tillbehör i längd 60cm
275 kr

SLIMLINE TRACKThe Slimline Track is supplied in a 300mm (12”) length. This compact track will fit most US brand kayaks. The kit is supplied with coarse self-tapping stainless steel screws.The kit includes 4 track lengths, 2 end pieces and screws for 3 mounting options. The parts can be assembled to make a 100mm (4 in) or 200mm (8 in) track, or by clipping the 2 ends together you can make a mount which will receive the MiniPort TracMount.Doublesection200mm (8 in)long x 40mm (1.6 in)wide x 10mm (3/8 in)highDoubleend mount45mm (1.8 in) long x 40mm (1.6in) x10mm (3/8 in) highSingle section125mm (5 in)long x 40mm (1.6 in)wide x 10mm (3/8 in) high.